Advance Industrial Automation Training Solutions for Automotive Industry


Training to Operators & Engineers with real experience gives good knowledge and skills to perform a job in a better way in any Industry.  Advance plc training kit helps to gain knowledge on the industrial automation devices in the Automotive Industry. The kit gives real experience on automation devices in the aspects of the way real machine is working and to know the working functions of Industrial Automation products like PLC, HMI, VFD, SERVO, LVDT, Remote I/O Modules, etc


Our Advance Industrial Automation training kit’s main aim is to give the Training and working functions of real Automotive machinery to Operators and Engineers on industrial automation products which will be used in the Automotive Manufacturing line.

DMC utilized Microsoft Power BI to import data from the three systems and combine them such that the client was able to see projected revenue for the year against their goal. Rather than relying on data that was a month old, Power BI gives the customer an up-to-date view of financials with data refreshed on an hourly basis.

From the block diagram of the system, we can observe all parameters reading with different devices like VFD-Variable frequency drive is used to run the induction motor with different speeds by varying the potentiometer. While the motor is running, Thermocouple gives temperature and c.t coil will give motor current details respectively, these parameters are connected to analog inputs & output’s modules of PLC. Here we used a closed-loop motion control circuit, the length movement in mm can be archived by using the servo and it is connected to the Ball screw system and LVDT length feedback is displayed in HMI, it will give a good insight of how close loop system is working. Users can give Length and speed set points in HMI display.

Customer Benefits

  • Real-time System Training to Operators & Engineers
  • Real-time Practice with Industrial Automation Products like PLC, HMI, VFD, Servo & Instruments
  • Operator Practice
  • Skill development
  • Improved Employee Skill & Productivity


  • Mitsubishi Q Series PLC
  • Mitsubishi A800 VFD
  • Mitsubishi MRJ4 Servo
  • LVDT
  • CC-Link-IE
  • Sensor’s & Instrumentation